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"The world doesn’t need feminism because-"
"Gay people shouldn’t get married because-"
"Obviously rape culture doesn’t exist"
"She shouldn’t have been out at night in that skirt"
"Racism is over"


favorite fictional females | alison hendrix (orphan black)

"And I thank you. For scrutinizing every detail of my life since the day I moved into this fishbowl. You have pried and snooped and gossiped about me like I was your own personal laboratory subject. How would you like it if I turned your life inside out? If I told all these people that Chad, your husband, slept with the spin class instructor long before me? Well, maybe he acts that way because you BLEW THE ROOFER AT THE CABIN!

oh my god you don’t understand how much i want to kiss you

or watch movies with you

or fall asleep with you

or drink coffee with you

or cuddle with you

or hold your hand

or go to amusement parks with you

or watch concerts with you 

or bake with you

i want to do everything with you and it kills me to know that i cant





Baltimore Police Claim Handcuffed Man [Tyree Woodson] Shot Himself in Jail

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Either they think we are very stupid, or know they won’t be held accountable - either way, this is some serious BS!

This is not the first time either.

They claimed a handcuffed kid who was left handed shot himself in the head from the right in FL.

At this point, I don’t even think they think we’re stupid. They just don’t CARE. They have proven over and over again they can get away with this shit. They don’t NEED to come up with plausible evidence. They go on unpaid leave and go back to terrorizing Black communities. 

Another similar situation occurred this year in Louisiana, when 22-year-old Victor White, III was killed with a gun in the back of a police car while handcuffed, that case too was ruled a suicide, even though he was shot in the back.”


When you love your OTP and characters, but hate the show.



Happy 22nd Birthday, Demetria Devonne Lovato!  (20th August, 1992)


"I’m straight…"


"…But I’ve wanted to experiment before…"


Nobody makes fun of Demi Lovato better than Demi Lovato





Open your eyes.

New age Genocide 

reblogging again

Cartoonists do not fuck around.